Ably's changelog
Ably's changelog

Asset Tracking Android SDK release v1.6.1


Client Library SDK Fix


Client Library SDK Improvement


This release adds additional enhancements to operational stability, for publishers in particular, when running on a devices with unreliable network connectivity.

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Implemented enhancements:

  • Wait for Ably connection to leave the "suspended" state before performing operations on Ably #973
  • Make publisher.track() and publisher.add() return instantly #966

Fixed bugs:

  • Handle presence.enter() retries in a special way #972
  • Remove connect() and attach() timeouts from DefaultAbly #948
  • Non-fatal errors responses for presence.enter() cause Publisher to throw exceptions #907
  • Publisher can get into a bad state if offline for > 2 minutes #906
  • Publisher apps reporting "Timeout was thrown when waiting for channel to attach" #859

Closed issues:

  • Flakey test: faultBeforeAddingTrackable[DisconnectWithFailedResume] #961
  • Presence operations are invalidly reattempted after a failed resume #951
  • Add Publisher.start() and Publisher.stop() coverage to NetworkConnectivityTest #939
  • Adding trackable just before fallback reconnection results in multiple exceptions #863

Merged pull requests: