Ably's changelog
Ably's changelog

Asset Tracking Android SDK release v1.6.0


Client Library SDK Improvement


Client Library SDK Fix


This release enhances operational stability, for publishers in particular, when running on a devices with unreliable network connectivity.

Please see: Upgrade / Migration Guide from v.1.5.1

Full Changelog

Implemented enhancements:

  • Upgrade to Mapbox Nav SDK 2.10.0 #882
  • Consider supporting static token authentication #730

Fixed bugs:

  • Exceptions thrown for new publishing requests when offline #871
  • Retry behaviour improvements for Ably API calls #927
  • Publisher.remove\(\) fails during several connectivity faults #905
  • Adding a trackable stalls forever if presence.enter() is interrupted by a disconnection #896
  • Publisher crashes when location data has NaN value #861
  • Subscriber, upon losing connectivity, continues to show the Publisher as online #835
  • Subscriber, upon losing connectivity, continues to show the Publisher as online #833
  • Unexpected exceptions fail the worker queue and silently break the SDK #830
  • Fix the logic responsible for deciding if an enhanced location update is predicted #828
  • Java users cannot build a publisher due to type issue #826
  • NPE from ably-java SDK #809

Closed issues:

  • Investigate TODO comment in DropAction fault regarding "limit" #934
  • Reduce publisher location check polling interval #946
  • Flakey test: com.ably.tracking.publisher.NetworkConnectivityTests > faultDuringTracking[NullTransportFault] #943
  • Make NetworkConnectivityTests verify expected side-effects of operations publisher SDK claims was successful #925
  • Reduce complexity of state transition assertions in NetworkConnectivityTests #901
  • connect - when channel fetched is in DETACHED state and attach fails causes emulator to hang #900
  • createAndStartPublisherAndSubscriberAndWaitUntilDataEnds IndexOutOfBoundsException #899
  • Flakey test: when an unexpected exception is thrown by worker's async work, the queue should call worker's unexpected async exception method #888
  • Investigate documented ConnectionException thrown by Publisher.Builder.start and how users are meant to handle it #876
  • Investigate ConnectionException thrown by Publisher.stop and whether we can remove it #873
  • Try simulating networking problems during core use cases #865
  • Sending presence leave event times out whilst still connected #862
  • shouldNotEmitPublisherPresenceFalseIfPublisherIsPresentFromTheStart (PublisherAndSubscriberTests) failing with "first publisherPresence value should be true" #845
  • staticTokenAuthenticationShouldCreateWorkingConnectionBetweenPublisherAndSubscriber (AuthenticationTests) failing with "Expectation 'subscriber received a location update' unfulfilled." #844
  • Replace deprecated package attribute in manifest file #837
  • Test issue for sync #834
  • Enable logging in the example apps by default #818
  • Update workflows to stop using the set-output command #817
  • Update workflows to stop using Node.js 12 actions #816
  • Refactor Publisher EventQueue to match Subscriber #781
  • Consider if we should allow to create multiple publisher instances #464
  • Flakey Test: createAndStartPublisherAndSubscriberAndWaitUntilDataEnds (PublisherAndSubscriberTests) #259

Merged pull requests: