Ably's changelog
Ably's changelog

Ably Terraform Provider v0.4.3


New feature


The Ably Terraform Provider enables you to manage your Ably account programmatically from the IaC tool Terraform. The provider is built on top of the Ably Control API.

Using this provider you can automate the provisioning, management, and testing of your Ably realtime infrastructure. You can dynamically create Ably apps, configure them, and delete them if necessary. You can implement multi-tenancy solutions for your customers, and create configuration-driven environments that can easily be replicated under programmatic control. Once these environments are created you can also test them using Ably Control API.

To start using Ably Terraform Provider please follow the documentation on the Terraform Registry: https://registry.terraform.io/providers/ably/ably/latest/docs

Development status

Ably Terraform Provider is currently in Preview. However, it is feature complete (all features available in Control API are also available via the provider), and we do not anticipate any significant interface changes. The Early Access program is about getting new features into our customer's hands as quickly as possible so that we can use their feedback to help build a better product. While all our software is thoroughly tested, early access features haven’t yet had a thorough shakedown so there is a greater chance you will discover bugs. The workings of Early Access features are also potentially subject to change before they are released in general availability.

How do I give feedback?

We rely on your feedback and feature requests to improve Ably Terraform Provider; please either raise issues or pull requests directly in the Github repo. You can also contact us at any time if you would like to talk about contributing or feature requests.