Ably's changelog
Ably's changelog

Ruby Client Library SDK release v.1.1.4

This release affects both the ably-ruby and ably-ruby-rest client libraries.

Implemented enhancements:

  • statesman dependency very outdated #199
  • Add support for custom transportParams #176
  • Re-enable imempotency tests as part of 1.1 release #174
  • Ensure request method accepts UPDATE, PATCH & DELETE verbs #168
  • my-members presenceMap requirement change for 1.1 #163
  • Add ChannelProperties as part of 1.0 spec (RTL15) #112

Fixed bugs:

  • client_id should be passed as clientId #159
  • Error in the HTTP2 framing layer issue before heroku-20 #215
  • Using a clientId should no longer be forcing token auth in the 1.1 spec #182

Merged pull requests:

PHP Laravel Client Library SDK release v1.0.3

Closed issues:

  • Laravel 5.5 Support - Auto Discovery #3

Merged pull requests:

JavaScript Client Library SDK release v1.2.9

Merged pull requests

  • Fix bugs in disconnection error filtering #734
  • Replace fury badges with shields.io #716

JavaScript Client Library SDK release v1.2.8

Merged pull requests

  • Fix imports for callbacks.js, promises.js, typings. #730
  • Fix request typings #731
  • Deprecate bower #733

JavaScript Client Library SDK release v1.2.7

Fixed bugs

  • ably-js 1.2.5 causes error in react-native #714

Merged pull requests

  • Fix faulty import of JSONP transport to React Native and NativeScript #726
  • Remove build output from git #725
  • Bump elliptic from 6.5.3 to 6.5.4 #724
  • Conform license and copyright #720
  • Comet: Raise preconnect event if the server responds with a protocol message #719

PHP Client Library SDK release v1.1.4

With this release we are introducing support for PHP 8 and dropping support for PHP versions 5.6, 7.0, and 7.1 since they have reached EOL.

Implemented enhancements:

  • PHP 8.0 support #88
  • Support Channel#publish(Message, params) #83

Fixed bugs:

  • Need to support Push payloads in publish() #82

Closed issues:

  • Trying to get property 'items' of non-object #92

Merged pull requests:

Java Client Library SDK release v1.2.5

Fixed bugs:

  • Crypto.getRandomMessageId isn't working as intended #654
  • Hosts class is not thread safe #650
  • AblyBase.InternalChannels is not thread-safe #649

Merged pull requests:

Incoming webhooks

Incoming webhooks are an easy way to publish messages to Ably from a 3rd party integration. You can use the URL from an incoming webhook with Ably to scale messages globally. This is useful for applications that aren’t built to scale or that can’t easily communicate directly to different devices.

For example, you may want to send a message over Ably every time there is an incoming SMS in your Nexmo account. You can set up a Nexmo webhook using the URL from Ably's incoming webhooks menu. You'll be connected and up and running in just a few minutes.

To register an incoming webhook, in your Ably dashboard navigate to the Ably App you want to register an incoming webhook for and head to the Integrations tab (formerly the Reactor tab).

Screenshot 2021-02-19 at 09.36.52.png

Register an incoming webhook with a friendly name and a channel to which messages posted via webhook will be published. This will generate a URL to use in other systems' webhook which you can paste as the callback URL.

For more info, please check out the docs or get in touch.

Flutter Client Library SDK release v1.2.0-preview.1

Conformed Package Name and Version

With this release we are conforming our version numbering to match that used in our other client libraries. This reflects the fact that this plugin is heading towards compliance with version 1.2 of our Features Specification, also aligning with the underlying implementations of ably-cocoa and ably-java.

Package Name Change

We're now simply ably_flutter (renamed from ably_flutter_plugin, as we realised the _plugin suffix was somewhat superfluous).

Fixed bugs:

  • Unhandled TimeoutException error being thrown occassionally #72

Closed issues:

  • native dart implementation #76
  • Improve our "pub points" score on pub.dev #65
  • Ably Flutter - Error building for android: target SDK less than 24 #25

Merged pull requests:

State persistence with rewind

State persistence allows clients to persist the last message on the channel beyond typical Rewind and History API retention periods. You can now persist the last message on a channel for 365 days. This is beneficial for channels that have either a variance in frequency or low frequency of messages. For example, a typical use case would be a dashboard showing a market or currency rate data - the software will have the last data to show immediately after subscribing to a channel, before any new updates occur.

To enable state persistence on a channel, please enable Persist last message on Channel rules to store the last published message for 365 days. Retrieving the last message can be achieved using rewind=1 on the rewind API.

If you have questions about state persistence, please get in touch.