Ably's changelog
Ably's changelog

JavaScript Client Library SDK release v1.2.13


Client Library SDK Fix



Fixed bugs

  • Implement RTL5b and RTL5j cases for detaching from channels in suspended/failed states #784

JavaScript Client Library SDK release v1.2.12


Client Library SDK Improvement



Implemented enhancements

  • Add .once method to EventEmitter #779
  • Implement Ably-Agent connection param for ably-js and NodeJS versions #740

Fixed bugs

  • Fix channel names as object prototype keys #777
  • Bump ws from 5.2.2 to 5.2.3 #781

Introducing Control API (Beta)


New feature



Control API gives you an easy way to configure Ably programmatically. It is a REST API that can be used to create, configure and delete the following Ably resources:

  • Apps
  • API keys
  • Channel rules/Namespaces
  • Queues
  • Rules
  • Stats (not available in beta)

Control API is useful when you need to create a testing or acceptance environment that is identical to production. You can provision and tear down Ably apps through the Control API with one script that runs multiple times. Or, you can track and synchronize changes to production from config management tools such as Terraform or CloudFormation via Control API .

To access Control API, log into your Ably dashboard, go to 'My Access Tokens' in the top menu bar, then create an access token. Specify the capabilities and rights for your access tokens, then create them. You can revoke or edit tokens at any time.

Control API dashboard.png

For more information, check out the docs. You can also test out requests, see responses, and test your client app against a mock server. And you can always get in touch with our experts.

Asset Tracking Android v1.0.0, Beta 8


Client Library SDK Improvement



  • Improved background notifications
  • Sends trip start and end events on new meta channel
  • Kotlin 1.5.0 and new JVM IR backend
  • Enhancements to example apps
  • Bug fixes

Full Details

JavaScript Client Library SDK release v1.2.11


Client Library SDK Fix



Fixed bugs:

  • Bind setImmediate to global object in browsers #774

Ably Go Client Library SDK release v1.2


Client Library SDK Improvement



For this release, we focused mainly on improving the Realtime component of the SDK. The previous release only supported the currently depreciated version 0.8 of the Ably Client Library Specification, but this version supports the latest version of the specification.

Since the functionality of the realtime library has significantly expanded during the transition from version 0.8 to 1.2, the changes have affected almost all components of the library including:

  • RealTime Client

  • Connection management and error handling

  • Channel management

The REST API has also been aligned with version 1.2 of the Ably Client Library specification, including Authentication and Encryption capabilities.

Full release notes and changelog on GitHub.

.NET Client Library SDK release v1.2.5


Client Library SDK Improvement



Implemented enhancements:

  • Heartbeat support for detecting dropped connections #507
  • Numerous code quality fixes

Ably Flutter Plugin release v1.2


Client Library SDK Improvement



We're excited to announce our Flutter plugin is now officially out of preview status. We also added a lot of functionality to both the Realtime and REST components:


  • Presence

  • History

  • Reconnect on failed auth

  • Message Delta Compression


  • History

  • Presence (get state)

Full release notes and changelog on GitHub.

Introducing Ably Asset Tracking (Beta)


New product



We’re pleased to announce the launch of Ably Asset Tracking in partnership with Mapbox. This unified solution allows you to build delivery apps and logistics services that rely on realtime location data to track assets.

Using Ably Asset Tracking, developers building last-mile logistics, food delivery applications, and urban mobility services can solve the top challenges of delivering realtime asset tracking with cloud architectures:

Raw device location data is noisy and its quality can be low. When using Ably Asset Tracking, location data is cleaned right on the sensor device via Mapbox’s Enhanced Location Engine, and there is no additional processing required. The driver’s location on the map stays in sync with the vehicle’s actual location. It does so by continually filtering and processing GPS signals and can even extrapolate a driver’s current location when GPS signals are unavailable using dead reckoning algorithms.

Realtime location data requires a persistent connection between device and cloud for low latency, which drains the mobile batteries of delivery drivers. With Ably Asset Tracking, device location data is persisted in realtime to the cloud, and any changes are synchronized to end-user devices via the Ably realtime communication platform. The platform is massively scalable and its highly reliable global edge network offers robust data ordering & delivery guarantees, including 99.999% uptime SLAs.

Synchronizing and managing application and device state adds additional engineering complexity if you’re building from scratch. Ably Asset Tracking simplifies this, as it delivers an entire cloud realtime infrastructure out-of-the box. You can add realtime asset tracking to your product with just a few lines of code by using our SDKs.

Ably Asset Tracking is currently in a public beta. Right now we have SDKs targeting Android, iOS, and web. To get started sign up for your free Ably account and head over to GitHub:

Read more in the announcement blog post. Have more questions? Get in touch!

JavaScript Client Library SDK release v1.2.10


Client Library SDK Fix



Merged pull requests

  • Add Playwright tests #738
  • Improve Mocha tests #739
  • Bump grunt from 0.4.5 to 1.3.0 #744
  • Add initial typescript toolchain #745
  • Update react native usage instructions in README #746
  • Webworker support #756
  • Use setImmediate if available in browser #757
  • Add sourcemap stuff #758
  • ably.io -> ably.com #759
  • Improve api typings #761