Ably's changelog
Ably's changelog

JavaScript Client Library SDK release v1.2.29


Client Library SDK Fix

  • Fix upgrade bug that could lead to an indefinitely sync-pending transport #1041
  • Always allow event queueing while connecting #1039

JavaScript Client Library SDK release v1.2.28


Client Library SDK Fix

  • Add clientId to MessageFilter #1032
  • Transports: implement timeouts in tryConnect() #1035
  • Only log connectionSerial mismatch from channel messages #1036

Cocoa Client Library SDK release v.1.2.11


Client Library SDK Fix


Full Changelog

Implemented enhancements:

Fixed bugs:

  • Mutable ARTDeviceDetails.metadata #1435, fixed in: Added missing strong property attributes #1434 (maratal)
  • According to spec, the SDK should be responsible for calling -[UIApplication registerForRemoteNotifications], not the user #1271, in: Call to the registerForRemoteNotifications #1293 (maratal)

Closed issues:

  • Remove call to registerForRemoteNotifications from Basic APNS example #1359, in: #1360 (maratal)
  • Create simplified ably-cocoa example project for demonstrating push notifications capability #1318, in: Basic APNS example #1319 (maratal)

Merged pull requests:

Regular events on channel.occupancy integration rules




If you are using an integration rule with the channel.occupancy source to get events (eg as a webhook) when the occupancy on a channel changes, this will now generate an event per active channel every 15 minutes with the current occupancy.

This change will allow customers to maintain their own list of what channels are active and what the occupancies of those channels are, with the property that the list can be 'self-healing', with TTLs in the entries, such that missing an event (in particular, an event reducing the occupancy to zero) does not result in the list leaking that channel and becoming permanently incorrect.

Business and enterprise customers may request the duration between regular events (which defaults to 15 minutes) be changed on their account (or configured on an app-by-app basis) to 1 minute, 5 minutes, or disabled entirely.

Flutter Plugin release v.1.2.15


Client Library SDK Fix


Fixed bugs:

  • Update ably-android dependency to version 1.2.13 or later #430, fixed in: Update ably-android to 1.2.15 #435 (JakubJankowski)
  • Android application got crash on notification receive in killed state using Ably notifications #429, fixed in: Main thread fix #431 (ikbalkaya) - reverting the change made under #291, released at version 1.2.9
  • Building Example App on Android fails #418, fixed in: Fix missing App ID build error in example app #421 (ikurek)
  • Fix for running didFinishLaunchingWithOptions #433 (Neelansh-ns)

Closed issues:

  • Deprecated API usage warning for fallbackHostsUseDefault #416, fixed in: Added lint ignore on deprecated fields #423 (ikurek)

Announcing Ably Message Interactions


New feature


In conversation-based applications, such as chat, users can often refer to previous messages and 'Like', reply, quote, or otherwise interact.

To support developers building this functionality with Ably, we have made it easier to reference previously sent messages when handling a user interaction. Ably Message Interactions makes building this functionality faster and cleaner.

Using this building block you can create functionality such as, but not limited to:

  • Emoji reactions
  • Message updating and deleting
  • Read receipts
  • Quoting/replying to a message

How does it work?

Message Interactions are published as Ably messages, and you can decide and customise what data you include in an interaction, and how it is displayed to users.

These messages contain information about the type of interaction, a reference to the message being interacted with, and a customisable message payload.

We have also made additions to the Ably JavaScript SDK to provide a familiar syntax to subscribe to message interactions.

Getting started with Message Interactions

  1. Read the documentation for Message Interactions.
  2. In the Ably dashboard, enable Message Interactions for your channels.
  3. Use the new additions to the Ably JavaScript SDK to publish and subscribe to interaction messages.

How do I give feedback?

We’re just getting started with Message Interactions and we’d love to hear your feedback. You can contact us at any time if you would like to send feedback.

JavaScript Client Library SDK release v1.2.27


Client Library SDK Improvement

  • Add filtered subscription type to RealtimeChannel #1008

Discover how to get started with Ably faster




We have improved the look and feel of our tabs at the app level.

  • Getting Started is now located in the secondary navigation menu for easy access from any page at the app level.
  • Key resources such as the "Quickstart guide" and "SDK library" can be accessed on the page to help you start building with Ably.

Screenshot 2022-06-30 at 13.56.26.png


  • The completion page for sign-ups and for creating new apps have been replaced by the "Getting Started" page

How do I give feedback?

We rely on your feedback and feature requests to improve it. You can contact us at any time if you would like to talk about contributing or feature requests

Go Client Library SDK release v1.2.8


Client Library SDK Improvement


Full Changelog (2022-07-01)

Closed issues:

  • Use the net/http/httptest package to write unit test(s) for websockets #541
  • Migrate from deprecated websocket package #368

Merged pull requests:

JavaScript Client Library SDK release v1.2.26


Client Library SDK Fix

  • Improve global object fallback logic (fixes an issue when using the library in some service worker contexts) #1016
  • Add backoff and jitter to channel and connection retry strategies #1008
  • Bump versions for some underlying dependencies #1010
  • Fix a bug with XHR transports for react-native #1007